Bradley Cooper Jokes About Hunger Games Role, But We’re Not Joking. Fantasy Casting, Ho!


Bradley Cooper Jokes About Hunger Games Role

Bradley Cooper wants a role in the Hunger Games trilogy, Bradley Cooper gets a role in the Hunger Games trilogy. That’s how we feel about it anyway. “I have now seen Hunger Games. That is a brutal movie. Are you kidding me?…Oh, my God!” the Silver Linings Playbook actor gushed at the Hollywood Awards last night, raving about his “bad ass” costar Jennifer Lawrence‘s fine work as Katniss. Joked Cooper, “You know, I’ve put myself on tape for four of the roles. I haven’t heard back yet.” Oh, you might be joking Bradley, but HG casting is no joke to us. Whether you actually submit for a role or Jennifer just tells Francis Lawrence or whatever director they’re using for the final film to hire you, we demand to see you in Mockingjay Part 1 and/or Part 2 immediately. Or in 2014, which ever comes first. Catching Fire is already shooting, but as far as we know, there are a few roles in the last two movies that are yet uncast:

  • Boggs: 40s, excellent posture, physical to the point of violence yet ultimately kind: yup, Katniss’s bodyguard in Mockingjay seems like Cooper’s best bet.
  • Mitchell: If Bradley is hellbent on getting into the trilogy, might he accept a very small yet important role? Without the District 13 soldier’s quick action in Mockingjay, Peeta, Katniss and Gale might have been toast. On the other hand, Mitchell is known as a terrible actor, so it might not work out.
  • Dr. Mitchell: Katniss’s therapist in Mockingjay. Good guy, enjoys a nice naps Why not?
  • Castor or Pollux: Ohhh, maybe Cooper could play both of the rebel cameramen brothers? Get a little green screen action going on?
  • Commander Paylor: Maybe with a gender switcheroo? Just kidding! There is no way fans (or, well, we) would let them switch up such an awesome leader just to accommodate Mr. Bradley Cooper, beautiful face or not.

Clearly there are enough roles left for Bradley to snag one, provided he isn’t hoping to be a leading man. Did we miss any totally obvious parts for him to play? The movies are coming out so far apart, we’re going to need to re-read those suckers!

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