Nicki Minaj Foils Her Own Wardrobe Malfunction!


Nicki Minaj Nipple Pasties In Full View During Manchester Show

Well, the good news is that Nicki Minaj actually learnt something from her GMA performance last year. The disastrous one where her too-tight, too-low top slipped down to reveals her little Nicki’s while she was on camera a la Janet Jackson. Because now, while she’s still wearing her too-tight, too-low tops, she’s making sure that with the nipple-slips that are bound to happen, no nipple actually shows. Case in point her show yesterday at the Manchester Arena. Nicki’s on herĀ ‘Roman Reloaded European 2012 Tour’ and she clearly knew she was going to bust some moves. So what did she do? She put on nipple patches, or nipple daises, on which were visible throughout the performance, as you can see in the picture above. What we’re baffled about is why she doesn’t go up a size? Surely a stylist — or Nicki looking in the mirror — would reveal that a nipple patch isn’t a fashion accessory? Like, “hey Nicki, your nipple daisy is popping out all the time so maybe you should change?” The good news is that she at least thwarted the actual deed from happening. Otherwise the headline of this piece would be very different! We’re still in awe of her gravity defying cleavage, though!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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