Hope You Enjoyed Your Birthday, Ryan Reynolds! 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Just Stole Your Thunder


Mouse boy! Between that denim shirt and those gawky front teeth, 12-year-old Ryan Gosling, “Canada’s only official Mousketeer,” just shoved the fact it’s Ryan Reynolds‘ birthday clean out of our brains. Hope you had a great day up until right now, Rey! “I hit the roof. It was so funny,” Gosling told CTV’s Canada AM about his being cast in Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club in that adorably thick Canadian accent. Aside from the squee-worthy snippets of him playing the drums and dancing a spastic elbow-centric dance, Ryan definitely handles himself like a champ: cracking jokes about Florida, explaining what a tutor is and hoping Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson will stop by the show for a cameo. “That’s basically what the show’s aboot,” Baby Gosling smiles. Aboooot! Ryan Reynolds, who? Thank god Blake Lively didn’t see this clip a few weeks ago. She would have hopped on a plane…or a time machine.

If that wasn’t enough cuteness to purge all other thoughts from your brain, Drake, a.k.a. Aubrey Graham of DeGrassi: The Next Generation fame, also stopped by the show to discuss his in-depth study of wheelchair use. For his character Jimmy, we mean. Not just as a private hobby. Are we the only people who think Aubrey hasn’t aged a day in the past 15 years? He was basically already an adorable man Drake even then…

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