Be Clint Eastwood And His Chair For $20 Or Less: A Celebrity Halloween How-To


Clint Eastwood and his chair speech at the RNC

Did you just realize that even though Halloween isn’t until next week, all your parties are this weekend and you STILL don’t have a costume? VH1 Celebrity is here to save you. Our very creative staff has spent the past week putting off their much more important duties to come up with some clever (and timely!) costumes that you too can pull together with little time and a shoestring budget. We won’t even charge you royalties. First up: One of our favorite memes of election season: Clint Eastwood and his chair, a.k.a. Invisible Obama, from the Republican National Convention. If you’re lucky, this one can cost you less than $10.

1. Find a wooden chair. My husband, Allen (who came up with this whole concept), and I found this one on trash day in Brooklyn. He removed the seat with a very satisfying kick. If no one’s discarding furniture on your block this week, we’re sure you can find something similar at a Goodwill.

2. Attach a strap or belts to the chair. We used a yoga belt we had in the house. So far, this costume’s still free!

3. If your Clint Eastwood is not already a silver fox, you’ll need some hair dye. ¬†We got this one that you apply with a toothbrush at a costume store for about $6 plus tax. Not sure if it’s officially safe for eyebrows, but Allen went for it anyway. We also gave him some crows feet with my eyeliner. Outfit consists of a blue tie, pants that can be pulled up above the waist and a blazer.

4. Because not everyone you know are up on their memes, and because the two of you won’t always be next to each other, a little hint as to what your costume is might be helpful. Allen’s a graphic designer, so this was easy for us to execute — and to share with you. Print out the photo below and stick it to a campaign button.

5. And voila! Word of warning: Dancing with the chair is exhausting. But it is a pretty good way to keep crowds and creepers away from you!

VH1 Celebrity editor and her husband show you how to make this Clint Eastwood-Chair costume

[Photos: Getty Images, VH1 Celebrity]

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