We’re Sure Jessica Biel Was Thrilled About That Hilarious Homeless People Video At Her Wedding


Justin Timberlake's Friend Plays Joke Homeless People Video At His Wedding To Jessica Biel

We can only assume you’re still sort of peeved, Jessica Biel. You didn’t arrive at your A-list reception looking like a more athletic version of Barbie in your cotton candy princess dream gown just to watch a video of your husband’s friends kiiiiind of making fun of homeless people. Gawker has a clip of the video in question, a homemade congrats made by Justin Timberlake‘s friend Justin Huchel titled “Greetings from Your Hollywood Friends Who Just Couldn’t Make It.” In it, Huchel films indigent people in Los Angeles as they wish Justin and Jessica good luck with their nuptials. Needless to say, Gawker has already received a letter from Huchel asking them to yank it. Until they do, do yourself a favorite and take a look. Whaaa? Wedding? Why? What?

“Mr. Huchel made [the] video to be used and exhibited privately at Justin Timberlake’s wedding as a private joke without Mr. Timberlake’s knowledge,” Huchel’s lawyer told the site. We guess you could argue that JTimb’s pals were just trying (and failing) to do something clever or original, but come on. You’re going to go around specifically interviewing impoverished and transgender street people, in order to show it at a $6.5 million Italian wedding for the lulz? Read the room, guys! Read Jessica’s flawless clenched jaw and beautiful steely glare while you’re at it. Louis C.K., you ain’t.

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