Homeless Man Paid $40 To Be In Timberlake Wedding Video, Which Makes It…Worse?


Homeless Paid To Be In Justin Timberlake Homeless Video

Just when we thought we couldn’t feel more uncomfortable about the leaked “joke” homeless video made by a friend for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel‘s wedding! (We put “joke” in quotation marks because no one human being has ever actually laughed at it.) After Gawker posted a clip from the highly questionable video featuring homeless men and women congratulating the Biel-Timberlakes on their marriage, TMZ tracked down Eddie, one of the video’s participants, who explained that he was given $40 to wish Justin and Jessica well on tape. Again, we have to ask who would come up with this idea for a wedding reception? On a related note, we could not be more disappointed to find out that Justin Timberlake has awful friends.

On one hand, we guess the participants were at least compensated? On the other hand, Eddie (who understandably didn’t know the interview was supposed to be a joke) had this take the video: “That makes me feel really bad … that was a trick played on me.” Good. God. That answers that question. The only question that remains is whether Justin and Jessica are going to ever…you know…publicly acknowledge the video exists? You would think they would have issued a statement explaining how they have idiots for friends and have nothing to do with the video. Maybe Justin and Jessica are extemely busy making love on some secluded white sand beach somewhere, but someone should shoot them an email or something. Tell them they’re going to need to get new buddies.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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