Lark Voorhies Scares Us Even More As She Denies “Comical” Bipolar Story


Things just got even more uncomfortable in the field of Lark Voorhies studies, wherein we examine what is going on in the Saved by the Bell star’s life that would move her to wear crazy makeup and inspire her mother to go to People with a story about her daughter’s bipolar disorder. A TMZ videographer caught up with Lark and a friend earlier this week to get her opinion on the People story. While she again denied her mother’s statement, her response has us even more worried than before. It’s quite like she’s being fed words through an earpiece from her publicist, her guru and her lawyer, who are talking over her so she can’t make out what they’re saying. Here’s everything she said:

The camera guy asks if she minds him asking about the story. “I don’t supposed not. Not at all,” she says, already confusing us with her multiple negatives.

So, what does she think of the story? “Well I think it quite uh comical. Well… [Long pause] I’ll put it to you like this, Outside contract, everything is funny. So, beautiful pictures though, don’t you think?”

She told People that she has a “strong spiritual sense.” Can she elaborate on that? “We’re all built on it. We’re all in tune to its calling and inform and connection. I think that pretty much complete statement regarding that context.”

Is Lark put off when stories like this come out? “People want to express themselves and um you know they … will do so at free random. Can’t stop that. The particular trade editorial and I are not in agreement however, it’s so far left from what was actually trasked(?) or brought about. Expression is a beautiful think and we’ll just take the good from that and that’s what I’ll say.

Lark Voorhies reacts to her mother calling her bipolar in People

[Photo: TMZ]

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