You Guys, Snooki Was Just Keeping It Real When She Blurted Out Obscenities On Access Hollywood


Snooki Swears On Air At Access Hollywood

As far as we’re concerned, Access Hollywood should have just switched to a fifteen minute delay the second they booked Snooki on their show this morning. Of course she was going to accidentally swear! If anything, we feel reassured by Snooki’s casual cursing on live TV. “Because they’re a–holes. I mean jerks! Sorry!” Snooki cracked when asked why people are “surprised” she’s a good mom to baby Lorenzo. The Jersey Shore star got salty again later while discussing her fears about motherhood. “I was scared that I wasn’t gonna have maternal instincts, ’cause I wasn’t really good with kids before,” she admitted. “So I’m like, s—!’” Was anyone really surprised by any of this? The first season of Snooki & JWoww was basically 22 minutes of bleeping over footage of Jenni picking up hot dog poop!

More over, Snooki was clearly contrite each time she annoyed the censors. “Ugh I’m sorryyyyyyy,” she tweeted in response to a fan’s teasing comment. Personally, this whole debacle just feels right. People who automatically assumed Snooki wouldn’t be able to care for her infant are sort of a-holes. And who didn’t have an s-bomb moment when they first considered the staggering responsibilities of motherhood? Snooki is just keeping it real, ya’ll. Call us when Michelle Obama drops the f-bomb on live TV. Ooooh, or if Hanks does it again!

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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