Lena Dunham’s First Time (Voting) Video Tops Our 5 Funniest Celeb Pro-Obama Spots


Lena Dunham: killing it in the name of democracy! Cramming an entire Girls episode worth of jokes into one short promo, Dunham hypes President Obama in a new video comparing her first time voting to her first time..yeah, you know what we’re getting at. Of course Lena isn’t the first funny lady or gent to rep the president for four more years.

1) Sarah Silverman, “Get Nana A Gun” for Let My People Vote

Sarah Silverman looks out for our butts by informing voters about new rules regarding the types of I.D. Americans need to present at the polls to vote. If your grandma can use her gun license, then maybe it’s time to take MeMaw down the the shooting range! (We don’t need to tell you not to blast this on your work computers, right? Because of the swears?)

2) Samuel L. Jackon, “Wake The F— Up”

Samuel L. Jackson adopts the dulcet tones and rhyming scheme of a gentle lullaby to warn voters to “wake the f— up” about the upcoming election.

3) Lesley Gore, “You Don’t Own Me PSA”

This sing-along to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” is more clever than laugh out loud funny, but either way it’s still better than the hysterical, weeping laughter almost break into when we read the actual stats shown in the video. Lena, Miranda July, Tavi and Natasha Lyonne know what we’re talking about.

4) Morgan Freeman, Conan Obama Ad

Okay, so Morgan Freeman’s pro-Obama spot was a joke for Conan, but it’s still epic. We do love a bidet reference!

Any favorite Obama spots we missed? We love to rep Mitt Romney too. Any chuckle-worthy Mitt promos out there in the ethernet?

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