She’s Not A Regular Mom, She’s A Tan Mom (For $20 Or Less): A Celebrity Halloween How-To


Am I the only one still obsessed with Tan Mom? I don’t mind! Notorious tanning mom Patricia Krentcil left a smudge on my heart the size and color of an orange earlier this year, and I can’t soon forget her. So I made her into a Halloween costume. Enjoy!

1) Loreal Eyeshadow Copper 410 (for skin): Free if you already own it (Or $5.88 at RiteAid)

If you are a white or light-skinned person, it’s extremely important that your faux tan doesn’t come across as some sort of grotesque racial parody, when all you want to do is riff on Tan Mom! The best way to do this (in my opinion) is to emphasize the orangeness and shininess of Tan Mom’s hue. I initially bought bronzer to do my face, but eventually decided on a copper eyeshadow I already owned. In person it has a profound shimmer, similar to Tan Mom’s but not similar to any other person on the planet. I also felt stopping at my neck was another indicator that my face makeup was meant to be a tan, and also I am lazy.

2) Wig: $14.99 at Ricky’s

What would Tan Mom be without her bleached hair? A Tan Mom wig is an investment, but one I thought would be worth making. I do not have the best judgement.

3) Covergirl Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush in Peach (used on lips): Free if you already own it (Or $5.88 if you don’t).

An extremely pale lip help brings out the unearthliness of your faux tan. TAKE ME TO YOUR TANNING BED, EARTH CREATURES and so on. You can use any extremely pale and/or frosty lip color, but I used the lightest color from my previously owned blush…thingie due to cheapness reasons.

3) Sweatshirt and attitude: Priceless! Also free.

After slipping into a pale colored top to really make that orange pop, the only thing left is to cop a serious Tan Mom ‘tude. “Me? Take my kid tanning? Why on earth would I of all people get singled out for this accusation? It boggles my deep orange mind!”

And there you have it! Enjoy your day in the sun, a.k.a. the day Tan Mom dreams about every day!

[Photo: Splash News Online/ABC]

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