The Vampire Diaries: 5 Ways Elena Is So Much Cooler As A Vampire


Nina Dobrev plays her much cooler vampire self on the Vampire Diaries

Though I find Stefan’s self-help guru speeches on The Vampire Diaries to be a bit on the cloying side, he kind of has a point about Elena: She needs to enjoy herself more now that she’s one of them. And as she starts to realize that herself (and thankfully, no one uttered the phrase “heightened emotions” once during last night’s episode), we’re having a lot more fun watching her. The victimized little orphan of seasons past is making room for a much cooler girl who is not to be messed with. Here are 5 things that we love so much more about Elena 2.0.

1. She gets to make that scary veiny, black-eyed hiss face (above) a lot these days.

2. She’s got a toy boy of her own now. While she pretends to have resolved her Salvatore love triangle, it’s looking like her lust for ex-boyfriend Matt is a fun little thing on the side, too. They even met at their old makeout spot!

3. She’s got some zingers for the Originals. “So you left the only person on earth who actually likes you?” she taunts Rebekah.

4. She can do a mean keg stand. And stand up on a motorcycle. The acrobatic possibilities are endless.

5. She really wants Damon. Not just his body, actually, though her hungry stare at him undressing was amazing. It’s also dawning on her that his brutal honesty might suit her better than Stefan’s gentle coddling. Ooooh, this is getting good.

PS. More Phoebe Tonkin, please!

[Photos: CW]

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