Crying Carrie Mathison & Caring Saul Berenson (For $20 Or Less): A Homeland Halloween How-To


It’s the Sunday before Halloween, and while you might have already attended some of the parties this past weekend, actual Halloween falls upon a very inconvenient Wednesday this year, and I have the perfect costume for you. Think about it. What’s everyone going to be talking about next week? If you work with the right people (and I know you do) they’re all going to be talking about tonight’s Homeland.

That’s right. The one show whose antics always carry straight through the week — from water coolers to message boards — now that’s the costume you win in-office Halloween costume contest prizes with. And it’s a super easy one to put together.

For Carrie Mathison, most of the costume is going to come from conjuring your own inner sadness. That Claire Danes Signature Cry Face is the key to a successful Carrie Mathison, but you can also accessorize your tears with a few crucial items.

For season one Carrie, grab your nearest blond wig (the cheap kind can run about $10-20), and whatever scarves you have lying around. I used an American Apparel circle scarf to wrap around my head:

A little crumpled from the night before.

What’s more, you could really take things to the next level of offensive (sorry!) by replicating a bottle of Carrie’s beloved medication. I used an old bottle of gummy vitamins and some bright orange construction paper.

Sorry, next time I’ll be more medically accurate.

You’ll also need your very own Saul Berenson. If Mandy Patinkin himself isn’t free, call on a friend coworker to stand-in. Luckily, my fellow Homeland devotee Bobby Finger works just down the hallway. And would you know it, he was already planning on embodying the spirit of the wise Saul.

Bobby went above and beyond to achieve Saul’s grizzled looks by literally drawing a beard on his face. He also added a bit of stuffing to his middle and acquired some reading glasses resembling those owned by the slightly older set. Another crucial object, which you can feel free to mimic, is Bobby’s impression of Saul’s CIA badge. 

Bobby’s phenomenal Photoshop skills could put him in jail.

Beyond impressive.

Are you for the finished product? (Mind you, that cheap blond wig wasn’t so great, so in this particular photo I was Carrie Mathison season two, when she goes in disguise.)

My crying Carrie doesn’t quite do Claire Danes justice.

Be safe out there.

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