10 Post-Apocalyptic Movie Options To Help Keep Hurricane Sandy In Perspective


You heard the man! Earlier today NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg instructed those who are living in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to “just stay hunkered in to your home and have a sandwich out of the fridge and sit back and watch television.” Seeing as how you are probably about to watch yet another movie during your Hurricane Sandy free day, we thought we’d offer some film selections that will make today’s rainy, wind-swept citywide freeze seem more manageable by comparison. Hey…at least Sandy’s not a zombie hurricane, right? Right.

1) Waterworld

There might be flooding in the next few days, but nothing anywhere near as bad as Waterworld‘s completely water-based society ruled by Dennis Hopper. Nor do we have to worry about growing gills. Or wearing those horrible unflattering net hats.

2) Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome

We can all agree if you bust a deal, you should face the wheel, but having to fill your bathtub with water is a lot more reasonable than having to fight Master Blaster to the death in Mel Gibson‘s 1985 action flick. Tina Turner would obviously be our first pick to gain control in a post-apocalyptic future, but we really don’t think it’s going to come to that.

3) Twelve Monkeys

If nothing else, Sandy will be releasing wind and ran, not a lethal virus that drives humanity underground. If she does, we bet real-life Bruce Willis would happily go back to time to stop it, just like he did in this 1995 action flick. Bruce seems a man with that that level of self-confidence.

4) I Am Legend

Sure, we all have to stay inside, but at least it isn’t due to ravening packs of disease-infected cannibal vampires, unlike in Will Smith‘s 2007 sci-fi horror flick.

5) Zombieland

Speaking of things that go bump in the night, nothing makes a weather event look more manageable than a zombie apocalypse, like the one depicted in 2009’s Zombieland. That being said, if Jesse Eisenberg can survive in a zombie-filled wasteland, most of us probably could too. We have equivalent intellects and upper body strength!

6) 2012

We might have been the only ones to actually see 2012 in the theater, and as such we’re pleased not to be facing the tidal wave-volcano-earthquake combo John Cusack did in the 2009 disaster flick.

7) Terminator Salvation

Stocking up on batteries is smart, but there’s not much we could do to prepare for a post-apocalyptic future in which humans have to battle machines for survival like in 2009’s fourth Terminator movie. Rest easy knowing that at least you won’t have to battle a fifty foot robo-warrior at any point in the next few days. Or ever. Hopefully.

8) Akira

Your kids might be nervous, bored or nervously bored during Hurricane Sandy, but this 1988 anime sci-fi thriller reminds you that at least they’re not controlling dystopian cyberpunk Neo-Tokyo with their minds.

9) Zardoz

We might constantly tuning into the TV for instructions, but that’s a lot better than a giant floating stone head like 1974’s truly bizarre futuristic fantasy film. On the downside, you probably won’t be seeing Sean Connery in a red diaper running around outside today. Probably for the best for everyone, really.

10) The Hunger Games

Like we’d forget HG! Rest easy knowing we’re not pitting our children against each other in a gruesome battle royale like in this year’s dystopian action flick. Like Katniss, we’re all going to make it through this, you guys. If we can eat some delicious bread in the meantime, even better.

[Photo: Columbia Pictures/Lionsgate/Warner Bros]

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