Celebrities Have Got A Lot To Say About Hurricane Sandy, We Found 10 Tweets We’d Like To Reply To


Celebrities Tweet About Hurricane Sandy

East Coast peeps, we hope you’re safe, stocked up and dry. Hurricane Sandy’s been causing all kinds of a mess but we’re staying put and waiting for it to … blow over. This too shall pass, right? So, to keep you distracted and entertained at the same time, through the Frankenstorm, we thought we’d take a gander over at celebrityville and see what the word on Twitter is. Worked for us, because we found at least 10 H’wood tweets that made us crack up in different ways. For instance, while Ricky Gervais‘ tweet made us crack up laughing, Lindsay Lohan‘s made us crack out heads against a wall. And since we can’t banter with them in person, we still got some repartee to dish out. So, we’ll just do it the best way we can — right here!

1. Ricky Gervais: Now we’re calling Sandy “Kandy” now, thanks to you, Ricky. Repping the “K”!

Ricky Gervais tweets about Hurricane Sandy

2. Lindsay Lohan: Right, because it’s really not that serious, L.L? World, do not take disaster advice from L.L. EVER.

Lindsay Lohan tweets about Hurricane Sandy

3. Lena Dunham: Tell your dad to give us a call, because he sounds totally awesome and a great hurricane buddy to have!

Lena Dunham tweets about Hurricane Sandy

4. Olivia Wilde: Olivia, you could say whatever the hell you wanted and we’d still lap it up and think it was the coolest thing since … Twitter. You’re that gorgeous.

Olivia Wilde tweets about Hurricane Sandy

5. Ice-T: Always time to pimp out a show … even during a hurricane! Baller.

Ice-T tweets about Hurricane Sandy

6. Jimmy Kimmel: You’re still TAPING? *slow clap*

Jimmy Kimmel tweets about Hurricane sandy

7. Alec Baldwin: Who you callin’ a b—, b—?

alec baldwin tweets about hurricane sandy

 8. Larry King: That’s hurricane humor? Really?

Larry King tweets about Hurricane Sandy

9. Kate Walsh: Hear that sound? That’s the male population of New York risking the hurricane to show up at your doorstep.

Kate walsh tweets about hurricane sandy

10. Bethenny Frankel: Why do we suddenly feel like having a Skinny Girl margarita with you?

bethenny frankel tweets about hurricane sandy

[Photos: Twitter/ Getty Images]

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