Hurricane Sandy Or Zombie Apocalypse? Walking Dead, Joss Whedon Prepare Us For The Worst


A man runs for the last train before Hurricane Sandy, or the zombie apocalypse

Er, maybe watching The Walking Dead in the middle of hunkering down for a natural disaster wasn’t the wisest thing in the world. As it is, the nonstop news coverage of preparations for Frankenstorm Sandy has those of us in the Mid-Atlantic region whipped into a frenzy of battery shopping, canned-goods hoarding and … well, working from home like normal bloggers. But yeah, watching Andrea and Michonne’s introduction to the creepy town of Woodbury didn’t make us feel much better about this hurricane deal. Especially now that we’ve seen pictures of what it looks like out there. Just watch the original intro to Walking Dead (we’re not even going to touch season three’s much starker version), and then scroll down look at what New York and the surrounding region look like today:

End of the line, or end of the world?!

Let us know when we have to start hunting squirrels.

Morning commute.


Please, DON’T go to Woodbury.

We’re not sure why, but these birds just scare us.

Scoot, dude! You just know something is hiding under those tarps.

OK, now that we’ve scared the crap out of ourselves, let’s watch Joss Whedon’s comforting preparation for the Zomney apocalypse. It’ll make everything better.

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