Is This Tom Cruise’s Intruder? Meet Jason Sullivan, Model, Interior Designer And Aussie Reality-TV Vet


We think this Jason Sullivan is the guy who accidentally broke into Tom Cruise's house

When you first hear of a celebrity’s house being broken into, you’re maybe not immediately drawn to the story — those rich folks are always getting burglarized, right? But sometimes, it’s all in the details. Take Tom Cruise’s alleged intruder: First of all, the guy got Tasered by Cruise’s security team (after his arrest he was immediately taken to the hospital). Second, according to TMZ, he was actually Cruise’s neighbor, who was drunk when he scaled a fence last night and was met by aforementioned unfriendly Taser. To be Tom Cruise’s neighbor, you probably have to be enormously rich and successful, right? Which brings us to point number three: Jason Sullivan is reportedly a model and interior designer. Based on the photos TMZ posted, we hunted around the Web and discovered some pretty amazing things about this guy’s life, before he became simply known as Tom Cruise’s intruder. (This is all still speculation, mind you. Maybe this guy just shares the same name, curly blond hair and lithe build as the guy in the cuffs?)

The 41-year-old model Jason Sullivan is from Sydney, Australia. As part of his transition from international male model to international male model/designer, he entered the Aussie reality-TV competition Homemade and won it in 2009. That apparently led to another TV gig, in addition to launching his design career. Here’s his show reel.

Based on those clips, he seems like a pretty nice guy, right? Even the police don’t really think he’s bad. They told the L.A. Times that he “was intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have confused himself and entered the wrong property.” Update: TMZ’s sources confirm this, saying Jason was driven home from a party by friends, and when they dropped him off, he mistakenly entered the wrong yard. Also, they say he’s just staying at this swank house and doesn’t own it.

We might even forgive his really narcissistic Twitter feed — hey, he’s a model, what do you expect? Still, these photos are kind of irresistible, in that they make Jason seem kind of like a made up character that should be played by, say Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey or Owen Wilson. See for yourself:

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[Photo: Twitter]

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