As Long As They’re Not Going To The Same Party: 7 Celeb Halloween Costume Suggestions…For Celebs


Candy and punch-based drunkenness aside, the best part of Halloween has to be the celebrity costume. First of all, it tricks the lost souls that roam the earth on All Hollow’s Eve into thinking you’re Ryan Gosling from Drive. Second of all, it helps pay homage to celebrities, a group of people who entertain us all year long with their movies, their nip slips and their mug shots. So why should other celebrities have to miss out on that joy, forever forced to be a sexy witch or a sexy cat or a sexy key grip? As long as they don’t happen to be going to the same shindig, we think it’s more than okay for famous people to go as other famous people. If Deryck Whibley can go as ex-wife Avril Lavgine, we say everything is game.

1) Tom Cruise as Jason Sullivan

Why This Is Genius: When else can you be your own drunken intruder? Tom Cruise will be on the cutting edge of pop culture of he dresses up as James Sullivan, his next door neighbor that was arrested for allegedly attempting to enter Cruise’s property.
Supplies Needed: Blond wig, beer can and twigs to tuck into the cuffs of his pants. Or whatever Tom Cruise has in his backyard that might get stuck on your clothes when you climb over his hedge. Tom certainly knows better than us…

2) Amanda Bynes as Lindsay Lohan‘s mugshot

Why This Is Genius: Remember when Lindsay zinged Amanda about her driving arrests? Turn about is fair play, baby!
Supplies Needed: Orange jumpsuit, blond hair and a glazed expression. So…um…we guess just the jumpsuit then.

3) Kim Kardashian & Kanye as Kanye & Kim Kardashian

Why This Is Genius: These two are already obsessed with each other and have a similar leather pants-centric wardrobe. Why not go as each other for Halloween? That way they can still be Kimye, and have the pleasure of looking at their own beautiful face for a change.
Supplies: Wigs, pancake makeup and the ability to have a calm discussion over who will wear which diamond studs.

4) Madonna as Lady Gaga

Why This Is Genius: $10 says Madge already has a meat dress hanging on the back of her closet door. Madonna is always ripping on Lady Gaga. What’s a sweeter burn than going as Gaga herself…and doing every embarrassing thing you can imagine?
Supplies Needed: We love Lady Gaga, but chances are Madonna has most of Gaga’s wardrobe in one closet in one her summer homes. Add a medal claw hand, subtract the pants and she’s good to go!

5) Katy Perry as Zooey Deschanel

Why This Is Genius: We feel like Zooey must get told every year she could easily slip into a firework or whipcream bra and go as Perry, but what if Katy is the one that wants to mix it up?
Supplies Needed: Clip-on bangs, Peter Pan collar and an unflagging belief in one’s self. But mostly the Peter Pan collar.

6) Tan Mom As Kristen Wiig

Why This Is Genius: Kristen Wiig played Tan Mom Patricia Krenctil on Weekend Update last year. How about Patricia repays the favor?
Supplies Needed: Powder, neutral color sheath dress and a plethora of wacky faces.

7) Courtney Stodden as Dame Judi Dench

Why This Is Genius: Courtney already dresses like most women dress on Halloween. Why not mix it up by transforming into one of the greatest actresses of all time?
Supplies Needed: Crew neck blouse, cropped hair and an age-appropriate date.

[Photo: Getty Images/ Instagram/ Splash News Online]

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