Jennifer Lawrence ‪Dresses Up As Plain Ol’ Ordinary Person For Halloween‬ At Atlanta Haunted House


Jennifer Lawrence Visits Haunted House

After completing her high-fashion transformation into the heart-shaped face of Dior, Jennifer Lawrence decided to mix it up a little by losing the couture and going as a regular person for Halloween. Or she just wore her glasses and let her air dry. Either way, Jennifer stopped by the Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta yesterday looking less like a spokesmodel and more like a senior during finals week, if that senior happened to be drop-dead gorgeous and the finals happened to be in Escaping A Terrifying Goblin 101, The History of Mutant Pumpkins and Introduction To Weird Bloody Scarves.

Lawrence’s spooky visit offered a spine-chilling break from the filming of Catching Fire, currently taking place in Georgia. Josh Hutcherson also dropped by Netherworld earlier this month. “First Josh Hutcherson (aka “Peeta” from The Hunger Games) braved the the haunting hallways of Netherworld Haunted House…now we are happy to say that his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence (aka “Katniss”) mustered up the courage to pay us a visit as well,” the ghouls at Netherworld posted to their website. “Jennifer and Josh were both as nice as can be…we thank them both for taking a minute to pose with our creatures.” Meanwhile we’re assuming Josh is still hiding in a broom closet somewhere within the haunted house, covered in leaves with a horrible fever, just waiting for Jennifer to rescue him. Good luck, dude! This is Lawrence’s day off!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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