Live From The Front: Coco Reports On Hurricane Sandy


For more on Hurricane Sandy, let’s throw it over to veteran weather correspondant Coco! The lovely Mrs. Ice-T reported on the historic super storm live from the balcony of her Edgewater, New Jersey apartment yesterday afternoon. The 33-year-old model took to social media yesterday to admit being quite the meterology enthusiast. “I’m obsessed with Hurricane Sandy..” she posted to twitter. “I just LOVE weather! The eye of the storm is coming straight towards me!! So exciting! Am I insane? I’m ready.” Yes, she really loves high speed wind. Like, more than a friend. “I get turned on by extreme weather,” she continued. Hmmm…

So it’s no surprise that Coco couldn’t resist the opportunity to do her own embedded reporting, complete with standard uniform of pink velour track suit and a seriously low cut black tank top. Only Coco could turn a natural disaster into a wet t-shirt contest! “The wind is crazy. The wind is pushing drops in your eyes. I am soaked. It is bizarre,” she screamed as the storm blew her around the deck. “It’s cool but scary at the same time.” After a while, she kind of looked like one of those women on the front of pirate ships. She posted the results to YouTube once safely back inside, apologizing for the poor sound quality due to the wind. We have a funny feeling that people are ok with that.

Coco was truly our definitive storm tracker, posting such evocative tweets as: “In total blackness. No power, streets r flooded. Its kinda creepy. I feel like I’m n Walking Dead show waiting on zombies 2 come out any minute.” Terrifyingly, that was the last thing she tweeted. Coco…Coco, are you out there!? Did the zombies get you!? We’ll let you know as soon as we hear back from her.


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