Christina Milian, Why Is Your Dress Open — On Purpose?


Christina Milian Wears Sexy, Bra-Baring Dress

This is what Christina Milian wore to a birthday party at Mr. Chow’s for a birthday party. When you compare it to, say, Christina’s hottest outfits ever, or a list of her sexiest swimsuit looks, it doesn’t seem to be deviating from her normal course of action. Which goes without saying, is as sexy as she can go in public without getting arrested. Having said that, this photograph still makes us ponder over a couple of burning questions that came rushing up at us in no particular order.

1. What exactly was the theme of this party? Can it be discussed in polite society?

2. Why is her dress open?

3. That dress actually is super cute had her torso not been popping out.

4. Must have those shoes, as well.

5. Is her “bra” leather or spandex?

6. We’d like to have a chat with Christina’s stylist about not ripping her bodices open.

7. What’s in the suitcase?

8. Why is she carrying a suitcase?

9. Man, we wish we had her body.

10. Oooo, birthday! Wonder if they had cake? Want cake now!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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