Did Katy Perry And Russell Brand Curse The Lakers With Their Awkward Reunion?


Ex-spouses Katy Perry and Russell Brand attended the Lakers game

We wonder if the Lakers’ publicists planned this one: Ex-spouses Katy Perry and Russell Brand both attended the Lakers’ season opener at the Staples Center last night. We’re pretty sure that was the first time they’ve been spotted in the same place since their split was announced last December, so of course, all eyes were on them. And according to E! Online, they were on opposite sides of the court and didn’t speak to each other all night. Which makes us really sad. We thought things were amicable between them. Russell has said nothing but nice things about Katy, and both quickly moved onto new objects of affection. We lost track of Russell’s models, artists and Spice Girls. And Katy’s been a serial monogamist — first with Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd and then with John Mayer guitarist John Mayer. So why the icy public display?

And can we blame them for the fact that the Lakers lost to the Dallas Mavericks 99-91? The team probably hopes so.

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Why Do John Mayer And Katy Perry Look So Sad?

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