Where Does Green Day’s “The Forgotten” Rank Among The Twilight-iest Of Twilight Videos?


For five years now, there’s been one big event that truly marks the beginning of Twilight season: The premiere of the first video from the latest movie’s soundtrack. Last night, we saw the premiere of Green Day’s “The Forgotten,” the first single off Breaking Dawn -Part 2‘s disc. It combines a lot of the elements we’ve seen in earlier Twilight videos — clips of Edward and Bella, beautiful forest scenes, that filter that makes everything look like an old home movie — while also being very Green Day. You’re not going to see Billie Joe and company strolling about in the woods, even if this song is rather emo. Instead, they’re performing in a concert and a recording studio.

Other acts have taken a more literal approach to the videos accompanying the saga. Does that work better for you than the detached concert thing, or is it all about the music? Take a look at four other quintessential Twilight videos and then vote for your favorite below.

1. “Decoded,” Paramore: Twilight

The first ever Twilight video is appropriately faithful to the story. We see superfan Hayley Williams and her bandmates are in some very Forks-like woods looking angsty, intercut with the movie’s classic scenes — the spider-monkey, the van, evil James and, of course, the meadow.

2. “Meet Me on the Equinox,” Death Cab for Cutie: New Moon

The Seattle indie rockers went for mood rather than literal interpretations, and we think they nailed it. New Moon is all about Bella’s heartbreak, and we feel like we could definitely wallow in breakup tears in the kind of room in which the band performs this mournful song (“Everything, everything ends”) lit by fading sunlight. In case you weren’t sad enough, you get to see Bella haunted by Edward’s face everywhere she goes.

3. “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever),” Muse: Eclipse

Stephenie Meyer’s favorite Brits have a much more epic take on the saga, befitting the action-packed movie. Chase scenes, werewolves and the run-up to the battle with Victoria’s army are intercut with scenes of the band — back in the woods!

4. “A Thousand Years,” Christina Perri: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Like Hayley before her, Christina is a Twi-hard, and her video looks like exactly what every Twi-hard wishes she could do while contemplating the everlasting love of Edward and Bella — walk through a candle-lit room on a cliff facing the Pacific, even if it does seem like a bit of a fire hazard. This video also makes us feel like Twilight fans have grown up right along with Bella — we went from angsty teens of “Decoded” to grown-ups waltzing at our weddings. Bonus points (from me) for having Charlie be the first character to show up in the video. Sniff!

OK, we changed our minds — we’re not going to ask you for your favorite, ’cause that sounds too hard. And also, we left out a few of our favorite songs here (like Bruno Mars‘ “It Will Rain”). Instead, we want to know …

Green Day premiered their video for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 single The Forgotten.

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