American Horror Story: Asylum: 10 Craziest Quotes From Last Night’s “Nor’easter”


American Horror Story: Asylum

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Asylum exposed many repressed truths of our favorite characters. Sister Jude’s haunted past continues to unravel, and Sister Mary Eunice has had a sexual awakening that cannot be tamed. This was all set amid the backdrop of a storm that was “supposed to affect the entire Eastern seaboard.” That certainly hits a bit close to home this week for us this week with Sandy. Did Ryan Murphy know something before the rest of us? Anyway, since this episode begins to reveal the subconscious of Sister Jude, Dr. Arden and Sister Eunice, there were plenty of juicy, unfiltered quotes. Here are 10 of our favorite lines of the episode, showing that much of the “crazy” isn’t just restricted to Briarcliff’s patients.

“You have quite a suspicious mind, sister, bordering on the delusional. Or maybe it’s just a form of projection. A defense to protect your own guilty conscience.” — Dr. Thredson on beginning to decode Sister Jude

“You can swear all you like, Mr. Walker, but I will get to the truth. In here. We have all the time in the world.” — Dr. Arden while he’s experimenting on Dr. Walker

American Horror Story: Asylum

“You look like a streetwalker.” — Sister Jude to Sister Eunice

“You know you call me in here just so you can undress me with your eyes. Imagine sucking on my rosebud tits.” — Sister Eunice to Dr. Arden

“Come on big boy, show me what you got. Your little bride of price had an awakening. Not to the Lord, but the power of sex, lust, desire.” – Sister Eunice to Dr. Arden

“You don’t know what you think you know.” — Sister Jude to Dr. Arden

“You never even bothered to get out of the car.” – Girl Sister Jude killed

“At the end of a storm is a golden sky, and the bright silver song of a lark. ” — Drunk Sister Jude to the patients

“I’m the one who does the choosing.” — Shelly on choosing whom she sleeps with

“You were a very naughty girl last night. You tried to fly away, so I had to clip your wings.” — Dr. Arden on Shelly’s amputations

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