Breaking Dawn – Part 2 MTV First: Taylor, Rob And Kristen’s 10 Cutest Moments


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner sit down with MTV one more time

Seeing Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner get to make fun of my old pal Josh Horowitz one last time is reason enough for me to hope for some kind of weird spin-off movie one day, far off in the future. This can’t be the last time! But until that strange day comes to pass, we’ll instead wax nostalgic about the live stream that happened tonight, with a look back at the stars’ sweetest moments on the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 MTV First. In no particular order.

1) “The actual end end for me felt like the end,” Rob said seriously, before cracking himself up over the absurdity of that statement. Does he mean the last scene they shot? The last time they did ADR? Or the last scene in the movie? Who cares, as long as he keeps laughing like that (see above).

2) Which of them is most like his or her character?

3) Who is most likely to appear in Star Wars 7?

4) How much have Rob and Kristen changed their approach to interviews since the beginning? Not at all. (Also, we miss you, Larry Carroll!)

5) Rob compares the vampire sex scene to “the scene when she’s doing the pottery in Ghost.”

6) What does Taylor really smell like? Bagels.

7) Kristen’s favorite scene in BD2 is when Jacob has to strip for Charlie. Hoorah for any scene with Charlie!

8) Rob would actually prefer to be interviewed by himself. “Bask in it,” Kristen says.

9) The fact that Kristen knows that in Twi-hard lingo, “HBD” stands for her Hot Bodyguard, but no one knew that “OME” means “Oh, my Edward.” And Rob gave mad props to Robsessed.

10) How do Rob and Kristen feel about Taylor not dressing up for Halloween?

And btw, that super scary mask Rob wore for Halloween was $3 at 7-Eleven.


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