Miley Cyrus’ Cake Boobs From The “Decisions” Video, Might We Have A Moment Of Your Time?


Ladies, what we we doing here? We can’t be the only ones who were surprised to see you slow-motioning in Boregore‘s new “Decisions” video, a sentence we never could have foreseen having to type until right this second. If we are going to see you two smeared with cake in a music video, it should be in a Miley Cyrus joint for a Miley Cyrus song, not hanging out behind some other singer just looking amazing. Plus you had to appear next to so many spirit hoods. What is this, eight months ago? You guys. Seriously.

We guess we didn’t really mind it when you guest starred on Two And A Half Men because at least that was a different medium. But even as a featured artist, Miley sounds too good for us not to wish this could just be a new Miley Cyrus song. And not dubstep. Boregore had better be producing some sick, sick jams for Miley’s fourth album, which now has to come out a day later as a result of you guys shooting this video. Thanks a lot, you two. (Miley’s hair does look amazing though. Please let it know by whatever means body parts communicate with one another.)

Thanks so much.

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