People Need To Calm Down Over The Non-Issue That Is Khloe Kardashian’s Nipple


Khloe Kardashian Has A Case Of Nipple Headlights On X-factor

By now, it is very likely that you’ve heard something about Khloe Kardashian‘s nipple debuting along with Khloe herself as the host of The X Factor last night. For those of you who haven’t, and care enough to ponder about the situation, this is not about Khloe accidentally spilling out of her top on television as performers are wont to do. We wish that was the case because then all this fuss would make more sense. Instead it is about the fact that Khloe’s semi-sheer purple blouse, worn as she hosted the show, showed a hint of nipple poking through the shirt. Not a nipple slip, not a wardrobe malfunction, but just a very minor case of headlights. And this is what folks are freaking out about? ¬†We’ve even had to blur it out in the picture above in case someone gets offended, because so many people are talking about it. Heading this brigade would be Simon Cowell — one of the judges of the show — himself, who couldn’t contain his excitement yesterday and said, “May I say Khloe, you’re looking very sexy tonight … I think the air conditioning is on high.” As if staring at her fully-covered breasts wasn’t enough, he also tweeted this last night.

simon cowell tweets about khlow kardashian nipples

To all of this we say: GET OVER IT. She had clothes on. Most people didn’t even notice it but thanks to Simon perving out, now everyone else is too. Do we really have so much time on our hands that we now have to find problems with women who are properly and fully clothed too? Khloe herself seems to be amused about her “nip action”, as her tweet seen below reveals, but we’re feeling like everyone needs to move on now.

khloe kardashian talks about nip action

[Photos via FOX, Twitter]

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