Kate Upton’s Flawless Vogue Italia Video Makes Us Question Terry Richardson’s Entire Career


It’s not that Kate Upton looks bad in any of the several Terry Richardson shoots she’s done. Kate looks hot! She looks lovely! She just looks…like any random woman you might see in a Terry Richardson shoot. You know, beautiful, young, kind of washed out? We just question why anyone (including Terry) would make Kate Upton look like an ’80s lifeguard or an erotic Precious Moments doll, when she could look like a sexy robot queen, as she does in her behind-the-scenes video for Vogue Italia. Just look at that hard haute couture fierceness! It’s like we didn’t understand exactly how fierce Kate Upton could be until now, and it’s making us irrationally angry.

We already knew Kate would be bringing the fashion heat after she tweeted her upcoming Vogue Italia cover on Monday; the video, entitled “Seductive” just confirms it. “My vogue Italia editorial by Steven Meisel,” Upton tweeted this afternoon, along with several stills from the shoot. So…much…fabulousness…cannot…contain rage. At least put the girl in an amazing wig or something! Jeez! Come on! Ugh, sorry. It’s been a long week. We’re not angry at you or your Kate Upton photos, Terry. We’re just…a little disappointed.

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