Kim Kardashian Denies Second Ray J Sex Tape, A.K.A. The Most Redundant Sex Tape In The World


Kim Kardashian Denies Second Ray J Sex Tape

Don’t fire up your Blu-Ray player just yet, Kanye! Looks like you’ll have to return once again to the original Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape in order to get your jollies. You perv. Despite the fact that the ‘bloids claim there is a second erotic video featuring the former couple, both Kim and the porn company who owns her first tape deny its existence. “There is no truth to this and there’s no tape. Unfortunately the outlet that first wrote about this didn’t bother to check their sources or story,” the Kardashian rep sighed. “We’ve already spoken to the third party that brought the first tape to us and, a second tape, or additional footage from the first tape isn’t being shopped around or even exists,” Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch explained yesterday. Oh, also…we’ve already seen Kim and Ray J having sex. How much more does the world need? How many hours of homemade porn must Kim and Ray J produce before the nation is finally satisfied?

Okay, so HuffPo reports that the alleged footage is much “raunchier” than the first film, but our point remains! The whole internet is full of porn, people. Branch out! Live a little. Now a Kim and Kanye sex tape on the other hand…that would be a different story. Plus you know Yeezy would make it all arty and insane. Bizarre bird women! Ballerinas! A tasteful shout-out to Michael Jackson!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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