We Are So Not Into This Kristen Stewart/Ben Affleck Grifter Rom-Com, And We’ll Tell You Why


Kristen Stewart, Ben Affleck To Star In Rom-Com

Hmmm. Ehhhh. Errrr. Something in the milk ain’t clean with this casting rumor. Variety reports that Kristen Stewart is allegedly in talks to co-star with Ben Affleck in Focus, a new romantic comedy from Crazy, Stupid, Love. directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, and it’s making one of our eyebrows slowly raise with derision. Originally starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, Focus follows the story of “a veteran grifter who partners with a girl who’s new to the life.” Much like when you find a bug under a rock or see a clown standing outside your window in the middle of the night and also you live on the third floor, this casting news is just not sitting well with us. Why? Well, let’s see:

  1. Ben Affleck already stared in a rom-com. It was called Jersey Girl. We as a society agreed not to speak of it unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Kristen Stewart does not need to get sucked into the swirling Charybdis that is romantic comedies, no matter how edgy or quirky said rom-com might be. No. Reese Witherspoon is still trying to make her way out that whirlpool.
  3. Ben Affleck is a total babe, but why are they pairing him with a woman who born about a week before his senior prom? Come on now, people.
  4. A KStew/BFleck Focus means we won’t get to see Ryan Gosling teach Emma Stone how to grift, and that is just a whole other loss all together.

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