Now In News We Didn’t See Coming: Sam Worthington Pepper Sprayed, Arrested For Alleged Fight


Sam Worthington Arrested For Fighting

E tu, Sam Worthington? Best known for the luxurious mullet he sported in Wrath of the Titans and the luxurious robot innards he sported in Terminator Salvation (Spoiler alert! It came out in 2009!), Sam Worthington seemed like any other mild-manned Jeremy Renner clone working in Hollywood. Until today. More specifically, until we heard about him being pepper sprayed and arrested outside an Atlanta restaurant this past Saturday. Uh…huh. In a story as confusing as that time Matthew Fox allegedly punched a female bus driver, Avatar star Worthington was allegedly making his way into Atlanta eatery Vortex when he was stopped by restaurant staff for not having an I.D. An allegedly intoxicated Worthington became “disorderly” with the doorman, which of course ended with him handcuffed and pepper-sprayed. Not by the police, of course, but by security. Uh…huh.

Apparently the Man on a Ledge star is in Georgia shooting the action film Ten along side Arnold Schwarzenegger, which at least explains the goatee in his mugshot. Everything else, though…we just don’t know. According to TMZ, Worthington has already had the disorderly conduct charges against him dismissed because “the complaining witness was a no-show in court.” This whole story makes us incredibly uneasy. Not Mel-Gibson-calls-a-cop-“sugar t—“ uneasy, but in the same ballpark.

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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