What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Our Top 7 Favorite Moments Of The 2012 Election


Herman Cain, we hardly knew ye. Josh Romney, we’ll miss your menacing stare…unless your father wins tonight, in which case please stop looking at us like that! It’s creepy! Yet another election season comes to a end tomorrow, and with it goes all the weird, hilarious, awful and occasionally poignant parts of the democratic process we’ve enjoyed for the last two years. We’ve selected our seven favorite moments to look back on, but do you have a favorite election moment you’d like to savor a little longer? Let us know in the comments!

7) Roseanne Is On The Ballot

Roseanne: a staple of your childhood, a candidate for your president. Perhaps you knew that Roseanne Barr was the candidate for the pro-marijuana Peace and Freedom Party with Vice President Cindy Sheeman. But did you know Roseanne is actually on the ballot, baby? Well, just in some areas. Apparently. But still!

6) Big Bird On The Defense

Mitt Romney spawned our second favorite election meme (Josh Romney, seriously! Knock it off!) after saying he’d slash funding to PBS…then declaring “I like Big Bird!” Needless to say, Season Street fans and PBS were not pleased.

5) Newt Gringrich’s Moon Base

Despite the fact no one actually asked him too, Republican nominee hopeful Newt Gringrich promised to put us on the moon. Again. Permanently. “By the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be American,” he claimed. Maybe in 2016, dude!

4) The Romneys’ Horse Goes To The Olympics

We love the idea of animals going to the Olympics. It doesn’t know what the Olympics are! It would eat that medal if it could! The fact that dressage horse Rafalca belonged to Ann Romney was just icing on the cake.

3) Ron Paul’s Eyebrow…Fell Off

Way, way back in October 2011, the race for the Republican candidacy was hot ‘n’ heavy. So hot, in fact, that libertarian Ron Paul apparently sweated off one of his fake eyebrows. We don’t think that having fake eyebrows should disqualify you from the Presidency but…this was almost guaranteed to happen, right? At some point?

2) Trump Wants To Make A Deal

What’s more insane: the fact Donald Trump was at one point running for President of the United States, or his recent offer to donate $5 million to charity if President Obama revealed his passport and college applications? That’s a trick question. It was all insane.

1) Eastwood/Chair 2012

We couldn’t even watch it all the way through again, but needless to say Eastwood’s conversation with Invisi-Bama will remain in our minds and hearts until forever. Or at least until tomorrow. Or at least until we tell you that Honey Boo Boo just got a pet chicken named Nugget. Haha! Nugget! Awesome.

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