Sorry, Barry. Anne Hathaway Is The Clear Front Runner For “Sexiest Hair” In Her SNL Promos.


Guys, we think we might be too in love with Anne Hathaway‘s hair. Have you seen it? Does it make you want to shrink Anne Hathaway down to the size of a hot dog and make her live in a doll house, (which would be creepy enough on it’s own because what adult has a doll house, but then also the doll happens to be Anne Hathaway)? Just us then? That’s what we suspected.

Well, even if you haven’t reached Twilight Zone-levels of obsessiveness with girl’s coiffe yet, obviously you’ll be casting your vote for Hathaway over Jason Sudeikis for “Sexiest Hair Award” in her SNL promos. Over everyone, actually. Sorry if this stings at all, President Obama. It’s just…well, you aren’t technically in the running for this award. And you really don’t do much with your hair. Mix it up! Make it fun! Ironically, Anne will be joined this weekend by musical guest Rihanna, the other celeb whose pixie cut makes us want to print out pictures of her, glue them to cardboard and turn them into paper dolls that our daughters can play with. [Note: We should probably mention our daughters are paper dolls of Anne Hathaway.]

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