Diane Sawyer, Potheads And Big Bird: 10 Other People Who Won Last Night


Nate Silver, Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer and Joe Biden are among the other winners of Tuesday night's election.

Barack Obama wasn’t the only winner of yesterday’s election day — and we’re not just talking about all those congresspeople and local officials who were elected. People were as glued to their laptops as they were to the TV, naturally, and their comments and retweets voted a number of other people, memes and causes into our hearts. Here are 10 more of the night’s victors:

1. Obama’s social media team, whose elated “Four more years” tweet became the most shared post in Twitter history, according to Mediabistro.

2. Diane Sawyer, whose loopy behavior and slurred speech was immediately a trending topic on Twitter, making many a CNN loyalist switch over to ABC. Hey, we were all drowning our nerves in alcohol, so we could totally identify.

3. Flag hair lady, whose appearance behind Obama during his victory speech was hilariously distracting and meme-worthy. Patriotism comes in all sorts of forms!

4. Every designer Michelle Obama loves, and all the fashion bloggers who love to follow her. They even praised the fact that the Michael Kors dress she wore last night was one she’d worn before. Also, look out for Malia and Sasha!

5. Nate Silver, whose predictions again proved to be uncannily accurate, earning him the admiration and lust of the public.

6. Big Bird, who was also largely credited with Obama’s victory on Twitter. Not that he’s one to gloat.

7. Eva Longoria, who’s excitement in this photo from her Whosay is contagious. Also all the other Obama-endorsing celebs, from Diddy and Katy Perry (“Done and Dusted!”) to Peter Facinelli and Cher.

8 and 9. Marriage equality supporters and potheads, who celebrated a round of legislative victories in tweets that encompassed both issues. Same-sex marriage was legalized in Maine and Maryland, a ban on it was voted down in Minnesota, and votes are still being counted for it in Washington. Washington and Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana use.

10. Joe Biden, who might actually appear happier than his running mate, which makes sense since his job in the next four years is a bit easier than the president’s.

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