Top Gun 2 Has Allegedly “Fallen Apart.” Luckily It Tops Our 5 Movies That Should Never Get Made!


Top Gun 2 Falls Apart

If you’ve been shining your aviators and working on your spike for the release of Top Gun 2…well, we have some bad news. Despite rumors/Tom Cruise Talk of an upcoming sequel to his classic fighter pilot flick, the tragic demise of its director Tony Scott have pretty much put a kibosh on the sequel. Paramount Pictures allegedly acknowledged the film isn’t happening, which is…probably for the best. Honestly, did anyone want to see a Tom Cruise rip-off in the main role? Or Tom Cruise himself, 26 couch-jumping years later? If you ask us, Top Gun 2 is just one of several rumored upcoming movies that should not get made…

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

First of all, no. Second of all, they already made several of them back in the ’90s. Third of all, no. Fourth of all, the first rumor we heard about the film was that the turtles…would now be aliens. Unacceptable.

2) ALF

Do we even have to explain why there shouldn’t be an Alf movie? Did we accidentally get sucked back to the year 1986? Even if that happened, we’d be more consumed by how to fix the flux capacitor than by seeing an Alf movie. Unacc-ALF-ptable.

3) Smurfs 3

Smurfs, fine. Smurfs 2, alright. Maybe they have more of the Smurfs story to tell. But a third Smurfs movie? Why? To what end? Again, do kids even know Smurfs? They’re basically little blue Alfs!

4) Ghostbusters 3

We love Egon, Dan Aykroyd and the Key Master as much as the next person, but between the constant postponements and the fact Bill Murray isn’t going to be in it…yeah, let’s just not do this at all, you guys. Please.

[Photo: Columbia Pictures/ Getty Images]

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