What Did Robert Pattinson Learn From Playing Edward Cullen? Let Him Tell You!


We’re loving these little insights into Robert Pattinson‘s adorably scruffy-haired head. Yesterday, we posted a clip of the actor talking about whether he drew on his experiences with his own father to play a dad on screen. Today, we’ve cast the net a little wider with an exclusive video of VH1’s Kate Spencer asking Rob about his Twilight character, Edward Cullen. More specifically what he’s “learned playing Edward both on screen and off screen that you think you’ll take with you in your next roles.” Rob’s answer is detailed and thoughtful, and broken into bits and pieces before looping in again, in pure Pattinson fashion, saying, “It’s a surprisingly challenging part. I think everything which … because people like to look at the audience because of it’s like, having young, screaming girls and stuff.” The screaming girls aren’t just the young ones, trust us, Rob. He adds,  “It’s quite easy to sort of, not actually watch the movie. But I mean, the core story is so strange and also the part is quite difficult to know what to do with. I learned a lot about camera technique because I think if you take away every line in your face and your eyeballs and everything, you know … you have to do very, very limited movements on camera to not look like an idiot, basically…” Look at the picture below. No sign of an idiot anywhere, thank you very much.

Robert Pattinson Talks To VH1 About Playing Edward


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