Machete Kills Instagram Pic Reveals Alexa Vega’s Hotness Levels Have Increased Exponentially


Good lord! Won’t somebody please think of the spy children? After we saw that Spy Kids‘ star Alexa Vega had blossomed into a studded-bra-wearing butterfly this summer, it made sense that she’d look even sexier by Halloween (albeit sort of like an erotic version of the Blind Melon Bee Girl.) But this Instagram photo Alexa posted on her Instagram of her Machete Kills costume? How…if we…studies show…look, it just shouldn’t be scientifically possible for her to get that much hotter! At this rate by 2013 Alexa Vega will be a one-woman Victoria Secret show with a flatter stomach.

In case you were concerned with anything other than her abs, Vega stars in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez sequel as KillJoy. She’ll be appearing alongside Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba, which kind of explains the huge surge in hotness she’s experienced. Those are a lot of hot ladies to go up against! And for the (straight) ladies and (gay men) out there, you can look forward to Antonio Banderas and Danny Trejo at the high of their game. Okay, okay and some guy named Mel Gibson. But unless they’re all wearing assless chaps…Alex still has this game on lock. So much on lock, we’re even going to ignore the fact Robert Rodriquez directed Alex in Spy Kids when she was all of fourteen.

Alexa Vega Machete Kills Photo

We didn’t even have time to discuss her hair!

[Photo: Instagram]

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