Beautiful Bastard Is The Latest Twilight Fan Fiction To Hit The Big Time, And We Can’t Wait To Read It


[Full disclosure before I start this post: I know the authors of Beautiful Bastard, I like them very much and I’m pumped to read this book.]

Yes, another Twilight fan fiction story will be making the leap from the web to the shelves of your local independent book seller (and, sigh, Barnes & Noble) on February 12, 2013. But don’t dismiss Beautiful Bastard as the next 50 Shades of Grey just yet. The original erotic fanfic, titled The Office, penned by Christina Hobbs in 2009, preceded E.L. James‘ red room of inner goddess-ness. According to University of Utah professor Anne Jamison, the story was revolutionary in the world of Twilight fanfic writing. She told The Hollywood Reporter that it “paved the way for Fifty Shades and a thousand other imitators. It turned fanfiction’s “porn without plot” into porn as plot, peopling Twilight‘s basic plot structure with sexually voracious, assertive and snarky adults.”

(Side note: A professor who lectures about fanfic? Sign me up for that class.)

Hobbs pulled the story from the web a couple of years ago and has since reworked it extensively it with writing partner and co-author Lauren Billings (their pen name for the book: Christina Lauren). This makes it wildy different from 50 Shades, which is essentially a mirror image of the original fanfic, Master of the Universe. (Trust me. I’ve read both.) According to the authors, Beautiful Bastard “stays to true to the original story,” which is apparently quite hot, according to the numerous YouTube videos I’ve watched that pay hommage to the original fic! (See below.) The tagline alone is a turn-on: “An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling. Discover the story that garnered over 2 million hits in under a year.”

The book also stands out as it’s the first Twilight fanfic to be sold directly to a major publisher (Simon & Schuster’s Gallery imprint) without first being self-published or repped by an independent publishing house. Another sign that it’s probably going to be really.effing.good.

The sequel to Beautiful Bastard, titled Beautiful Stranger, is set for release on May 28, 2013.

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