Kristen Stewart Kicks Off Her Heels, Plays A Game Of Quarters With Jimmy Fallon


Kristen Stewart Plays Giant Quarters With Jimmy Fallon

So, what you see on the left is Kristen Stewart looks absolutely amazo in her LBD, major heels and intensely smoky eyes and black nail polish. It’s like a goth girl who grew up to be super glamorous! But we do love the Kristen on the left, who kicked off her heels (who needs them when you have legs like that) and got up to play a late night game of giant quarters with Jimmy Fallon when she appeared on his show last night! We couldn’t help but giggle at the set of photographs below where she looks like ancient Greek discus thrower! Only, Kristen’s playing for beer, which is also a prize worth fighting for, don’t you think?

Kristen Stewart Plays Giant Quarters With Jimmy Fallon

It’s fierce competition as you’ll see in the video below, but, not to give away too much or anything, but it’s unreal watching Kristen knock back beer while the audience yells “Drink, drink, drink …” Best segment … ever!


[Photos: Getty Images]

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