The Carrie Diaries Are Coming In January! We Just Hope They Keep These SATC Plot Points Canon


AnnaSophia Robb In The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries is coming! AnnaSophia Robb and the gang will be premiering on January 14, and we are dying to see the new pseudo-prequel to Sex And The City. The Carrie Diaries trailer we’ve seen so far has given us Manhattan, hunky boys and Carrie’s high school buddy Maggie describing her first time thusly: “It was like putting a hot dog in a keyhole.” How flawless is that? Seriously, that could be in an actual line from a original SATC ep.

While it seems like the Carrie Diaries keeps a lot of elements of SATC, certain things have changed. For example, Carrie’s father will be appearing on the show, while die-hard SATC fans will remember that Mr. Bradshaw ducked out on Carrie and her mom when our protagonist was five. Frankly, we like the idea of Carrie having to tangle with her dad and mom for independence, and as the show’s executive producer told our own Sabrina Weiss, the show will be a blend of SATC and the Carrie Diaries book series it was based on. That being said, there are certain SATC elements we hope the Carrie Diaries keeps for the fans:

  1. When Carrie becomes obsessed with fashion: The pilot description says Carrie’s love affair with New York begins when she interns at a Manhattan law firm, but we love that SATC Carrie would rather buy Vogue then dinner. Okay, actually that’s kind of messed up, but we’re intrigued to see how they depict Carrie’s developing relationship with fashion! It wouldn’t be a SATC prequel without it.
  2. How Carrie lost her virginity: According to Episode 308 “The Big Time,” Carrie started her life-long sexual journey one night during her junior year with Seth Bateman on a ping pong table. Show writers, we are begging you…at least keep the ping pong table.
  3. Dating David Duchovny’s character in high school: In Season 6, Carrie reunites with Jeremy, an early boyfriend with whom she shared a chaste relationship. That shouldn’t be too hard to fit in, right? Just cast a guy who looks a tiny bit like David Duchovny and we’ll be satisfied.
  4. Carrie’s abortion: Okay, there is probably no way the show will depict Carrie’s abortion following a one-night stand just a few years after she arrives in New York, but it would be SO great and revolutionary if they did. Something to think about, you guys!
  5. When Carrie met The Girls: Obviously the series won’t start out by incorporating Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte (Carrie is only 16 when it starts), but Sex And The City flashbacks suggest that Carrie befriends Miranda and Samantha pretty soon after she moves to the city. What if the Carrie Diaries ends up having six seasons just like SATC, and Carrie ages in normal time? It would be like an X-Men: First Class version of SATC! Just like Magneto is such a Samantha, so too could Samantha be a Magneto. Just give us a producer cred if you use that analogy please!

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