Twilight‘s Ending! Here Are 20 Things To Fill That Hole In Your Heart


Pretty Little Liars, Beautiful Creatures, The Mortal Instruments, Team Starkid and other things to obsess over now that Twilight is ending.

We’re shocked that Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer have yet to announce some kind of detox program to help those of us who’ve spent up to seven years addicted to the Twilight books and movies. Aren’t they worried about the withdrawal we’ll all experience once we’ve seen Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a few times and have no more Edward and Bella to look forward to? Well, not to suggest that there is anything that can replace Forks and the Cullens in your heart, but we have a few new obsessions you might consider taking up. Which you choose all depends on why you became a Twi-crack addict in the first place. Read on and then suggest your own!

If you love Twilight because of …

… its star-crossed lovers plot, you’ll love:

Warm Bodies, the novel by Isaac Marion and upcoming Summit movie starring Nicholas Hoult. Zombie R is a very different kind of undead than Edward, but his doomed love for Julie is just as epic and possibly world-changing. Dive into the book now and then look forward to the flick in February 2013.

The Hush Hush saga, by Becca Fitzpatrick. Nora Grey doesn’t know why she’s drawn to Patch her dangerous new biology lab partner… oh, sound familiar? Don’t worry, this is no knock off. Fitzpatrick has woven a very complex mythology around deadly angels and their offspring that will infuriate you with its addictive quality.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. Speaking of complex new mythology, don’t even ask us to explain the plot of this trilogy. Let us tell you that book one was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful reads of 2011 — there are angels, beastly creatures, exotic tooth poachers, ballet-dancing puppets and a love story that rivals Romeo and Juliet in its devastating nature.

… its gut-wrenching love triangle, you’ll love:

The Matched trilogy, by Ally Condie. Though Matched came out amid the flood of post-Hunger Games dystopian novels back in 2010, we think it has a lot in common with Twilight too — 17-year-old Cassia has to choose between the safer choice of the boy she’s grown up with and the dangerous outcast. Book three, Reached, comes out on November 13, and the movie is set to be produced by Disney and directed by Eclipse helmer David Slade.

… its old-fashioned moral hero, you’ll love:

Downton Abbey, the BBC/Masterpiece series returning stateside soon! The Twilight saga has much more in common with period dramas than typical teen fare, so if you’re not already a Downton fan, you should be. Also, we just like listing it in anything we can. FYI, it takes place in the same era as Edward’s human life.

Daniel Deronda, the 2002 BBC series. we just recently caught this gorgeous adaptation of the George Eliot novel, which stars Hugh Dancy as Daniel, a young man who struggles to define himself outside of the privileged upbringing his adoptive guardian has given him, and whose selfless nature makes the ladies swoon.

Outlander, the novel series by Diana Gabaldon, soon to be adapted as a TV series on Starz. British nurse Claire Randall accidentally travels back in time from the 1940s to 18th century Scotland, where she falls in love with a fiercely protective young warrior with a surprisingly intellectual side.

… its self-sacrificing heroine who discovers her own power, you’ll love:

Beautiful Creatures, the novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, and upcoming movie. The inexplicably strong connection between Lena, a girl with magical powers, and Ethan, who keeps having strange dreams about her, reminds us a lot of the bond between Edward and Bella. And Lena’s fear that she may be fated to turn to the dark side has echoes of the tortured vampire’s fears that he has no soul. At the same time, this is another wholly original story, and its lush, Southern Gothic setting is going to make for a gorgeous movie come February.

The Mortal Instruments, the novels by Cassandra Clare and its upcoming first movie, City of Bones. Just as human Bella transforms herself from a pawn in the supernatural world to an integral part of her family’s war against evil forces, Clary Fray goes from being a helpless girl to a powerful and unique hero of the demon-fighting Shadowhunters. We can’t wait to see how Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins will bring the books to life in the movie, out next August.

The Raven Boys, novels by Maggie Stiefvater. We keep gushing and gushing about this one — as much because we are drawn in by the weird magical tale of a long-dead Welsh king and psychic predictions of premature death as because we can identify with each of its teen characters. Blue, the daughter of psychics who gets entangled in the adventures of boarding school boys, is the kind of smart, self-assured girl we want to be when we grow up.

… its heartbreakingly handsome British star, you’ll love:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, star of Kick-Ass and the upcoming Anna Karenina. Yeah, we’re pretty sure the 22-year-old Brit’s soulful eyes would make us give up life and society, just like poor Anna does. Every time we see Aaron, even in movies we don’t necessarily like, we want him to star in everything.

… its heartbreakingly beautiful American child-star turned endearingly awkward young actress, you’ll love:

Shailene Woodley, who’s about to go from ABC Family star to something huge, thanks to her brilliant turn in The Descendants. Now she’s in talks to enter the dystopian world of Divergent as Tris AND to play Mary Jane in the next Spider-Man movie. Not that anyone could rival Kristen Stewart in your affections, but you should make room for your love of this soulful actress too.

… its angsty moodiness, which perfectly captures the emotions of being a teenager, you’ll love:

John Green’s books, any of them. The Fault in Our Stars, his latest, has the most attention, but we also recommend Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns as two of the most authentic, funny and tear-jerking YA books we’ve read, ever.

Pretty Little Liars, the books and TV show. We all felt a little persecuted and tortured, as much by our friends as our enemies, when we were teens; maybe that’s why it’s delicious to watch the Liars experience it to such extremes.

… the community of fans, you’ll love:

Team StarKid, the theater team whose A Very Potter Musical went from college production to national phenomenon in just a few years, thanks in no small part to its intense fanbase. Their devotion reminds us a lot of the pioneers of the Twi-hard nation. Check them out on Facebook and you’ll see what we mean.

… the vampires, you’ll love:

True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire novels. No two blood-sucker is alike, but maybe Twilight whetted your appetite for the creatures whose dangerous nature is so irresistibly sexy. Well, nothing gets sexier than Eric Northman, let us tell you. Except maybe Alcide Herveaux.

Vampire Academy, half-vampire royal guardian in training Rose Hathaway is pretty much the anti-Bella in her athletic, tough manner. But her loyalty to her friends makes her just as lovable, and her relationship with gorgeous Russian teacher Dimitri will probably keep you up at night.

A Discovery of Witches, part of the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. This is a more mature tale of witches and vampires, who also happen to be professors at Oxford, but historical accuracy and scholarly pursuits manage to make the story’s supernatural elements all the more seductive.

The Passage, by Justin Cronin. The genetically altered vampiric death row inmates who bring about the near destruction of the human race are as far from the Cullens as you can get. But this is good, frightening stuff.

 … Charlie, you’ll love:

Revolution, on NBC. Sorry, maybe not everyone is as obsessed with the good police chief as I am. His scenes are literally my favorite part of the whole saga. But Billy Burke is just one of the reasons I’m hooked on this new post-apocalyptic series.

Got your own remedy for Twilight withdrawal? Let us know!

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