Harry Styles Rumors We Love: He Is Evan Peters’ Long Lost Twin AND Taylor Swift’s New BF


American Horror Story's Evan Peters and One Direction's Harry Styles look like they're brothers

We fully credit our former intern Tionah Lee with a new theory that kind of blows our minds after looking at side-by-side photos like the ones above: “I’ve come to the conclusion that 1D’s Harry Styles and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters are long lost brothers,” she tweeted last night. Just look at their noses, eyebrows, and mouths! This is almost as uncanny as that photo of George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln, isn’t it? So now we are just going to float this out there and see if people start reporting it as true. That’s how facts work these days.

Speaking of rumors, Perez Hilton came up with a wild one today, too: that the One Direction singer is Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend. And this is based on about as much factual info as the Evan Peters theory. First, Styles told Cosmopolitan UK that he’s got his eye on someone special, and Perez notes, “Now, Harry has been rockin’ a paper airplane necklace. But all of a sudden (okay, around the same time his Cosmo UK interview hit), the now-single Swifty is seen wearing one too.”

Paper airplane necklaces definitely equal true love, everyone. Anyway, it’s a flimsy argument, but not a flimsy idea — those two would be super cute together. But we doubt their crazy touring schedules would ever let it happen. Maybe she should give Evan Peters a call instead? One look at his spread in Flaunt and she’ll be sold. Watch your back, Emma Roberts.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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