Kirstie Alley Didn’t Have An Affair Affair With Travolta, But She Is The Ultimate Shipper


Oh good, we can stop picturing Kirstie Alley and John Travolta having hot Scientologist sex now. Oh, wait, that image is already burned into our heads forever, even though Alley says it never happened. And actually, she never DID say it happened, even though the second we all saw quotes about her Look Who’s Talking co-star being the “greatest love” of her life, that’s what we assumed. Actually, she told Jimmy Kimmel last night, their relationship was never sexual, nor was her loving friendship with Patrick Swayze.

“Can I just clarify? They were not sexual affairs,” she said. “I didn’t say the word affair ever. … John Travolta is and has remained one of my best friends for almost 25, 26 years — before he was married, but I was married. But I fell in love with him.”

Actually, she said the feeling was mutual, and it evolved into a “beautiful friendship” between her, John and his wife, Kelly Preston. She even got their blessing to write about all this in her book (the reason she’s doing all these weird interviews), The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente).

What’s really interesting, however, is that she also basically confirms everything us regular people assume about every single on-screen couple: that it’s impossible for them not to fall in love IRL.

“Imagine the guy of your dreams, let’s say it’s Brad Pitt, let’s say it’s Ryan Gosling,” she explained to Kimmel. “And you go away and you make a movie with him for four to six months, and you’re with him all day and all night, and you make out with him during the day in the movie. It’s a little hard not to confuse the boundaries.”

There you have it. Kirstie Alley, the ultimate shipper.

Kirstie Alley clarified that she never had sex with John Travolta or Patrick Swayze

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