Kristen Stewart Tells VH1 What Being Vampire And Human Bella Taught Her


We all have our various takes on that big moment, when human Bella turns into vampire Bella. When Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes to and end and we see her eyes open red as a newborn, it just makes us want to watch her in action so badly! But have you thought what Kristen herself thinks about playing two different parts about the same person? VH1’s Kate Spencer asked the actress the question wondering who she related to more, “that kind of awkward, unsure human Bella or the fierce confident vampire Bella?” Kristen’s answer is a long, thoughtful one as she replies, “I mean obviously, I think I’ve got a bit of both” followed by a big pause. “The thing about vampire Bella is that I think she’s just an incredibly realized … she’s Bella on a really great day,” she continues. “She’s got some good perspective. I feel like I’ve got some of that. Quite a bit of that actually. But then, you know, at the same time, I think it’s pretty important to ¬†— I mean, I’m only 22, so it sounds ridiculous — but it’s still pretty important to really like, kind of ¬†revel in and appreciate fear! It’s very motivating!” Watch the video and see what else she has to say, but do tell us if you giggled, like us, when she says, “I’m so comfortable now with being terrified!”

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