Lady Gaga Demonstrates Why She’s The Best Pop Star By Playing Barefoot With Brazilian Fans


Lady Gaga Plays With Kids In Brazil

If you don’t think these photos of Lady Gaga hugging and playing with a crowd of adoring baby fans proves she’s a pretty awesome lady…then we just do not know what to tell you. Open your eyes to reality, man! “[T]oday was the best day i’ve ever had, had so much fun,” Gaga tweeted about her trip to Cantagalo Hill in Rio de Janeiro. “I’ll never forget Rio, you lit my heart into flames,” she gushed. Meanwhile, if we were pop stars, we would never leave the comfort of our Hello Kitty portable champagne hot tub, let alone let our bare feet touch the ground. We’re betting you wouldn’t either, which supports our earlier claim that Lady Gaga is

Gaga also (according to her Twitter account) sent snacks down to her waiting fans. “my lil Rio Babies PIZZA is coming downstairs,” she tweeted. “I feel like i slept in bed w you last night. every time i woke up i could hear you screaming!” This woman is a delight. Maybe we’re easily taken in by these kinds of P.R. opportunities (and that gorgeous peach hair), but it’s not like celebrities at Lady Gaga’s level have to do anything if they don’t want to. Gaga could make all of her music and perform from a penthouse and people will still love her, but it’s nice to see them getting some Gaga love in return.


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