Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out Of Barbara Walters Interview, Afraid Of What She Might Say On TV!


Lindsay Lohan Cancels Interview With Barbara Walters

We’d love to think that Barbara Walters is currently throwing things around her dressing room yelling, “No one says no to Babs!” Because Lindsay Lohan just did, and what’s worse is that she first said yes to a televised sit-down, and then pulled out a week before its scheduled airtime. La Lohan was supposed to be on forĀ 20/20, on November 16, a week before Liz & Dick debuted, which as you know, has the actress portraying Elizabeth Taylor. But L.L’s personal life has led to her new PR team, Rogers & Cowen, to pull the plug with Walters as the journalist was planning to talk to Lindsay about the car crash she was in. Which one? Frankly, we’ve lost count as she’s been in too many car accidents to remember. We’re guessing it’s the one she may have lied about to cops. That’s what it is — the one where Lindsay drove her Porsche into the back of an 18-wheeler. Apparently, when they first agreed to the interview, it was just supposed to be about the movie, but then her people caught whiffs about the fact that Walters was going to open that whole crash can of worms. And they were unsure about Lindsay’s responses as they felt that her mouth could get her into trouble. Or mess up her probation terms, so they put the muzzle on. And we actually agree with them. Why else would Babs want to talk about the accident? Because she totally knew she’d get some juicy stuff out of Lindsay! For shame, Barbara!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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