A Twilight Remake? Kellan Lutz Leaves His Schedule Open


As we brace ourselves to see good ole Emmett Cullen grace our screens for the last time in the foreseeable future, arm-wrestling with Bella in Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Kellan Lutz isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the franchise. This is, of course, after a bit of encouragement from our own Kate Spencer. She asked the beefy blond what she’d asked Robert Pattinson earlier — whether he thought about his kids seeing the Twilight franchise one day — and his answer was both delightful and mind blowing.

“I’m excited to have my grandkids laugh at my funny one-liners. It’ll make me crack up,” he said. “It would be really special to hopefully have some boys dress as Emmett for Halloween.”

Apparently not one to hold classics too sacred, Kellan also suggested a different future for himself and the Twilight fandom: “I just wonder if they’ll ever remake it,” he said. “They remade Star Wars. They could remake this, and maybe I’ll play Dr. Carlisle. Why not? It’s been such a big part of my life, I’d love to. I’d definitely come back.”

Technicalities aside — no, they haven’t remade Star Wars — we kind of love the idea, provided a LOT of time has passed between now and then. What do you think?

Kellan Lutz talks about a Twilight remake in the future

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