Anne Hathaway’s Vogue Interview Makes Us Wonder If Les Miz Weight Loss Rumors Were True


Anne Hathaway

Uh….so maybe we were wrong to have scoffed at rumors that Anne Hathaway was going to drastic measures to lose weight for Les Miz. According her new interview with Vogue, the actress dropped 25 lbs to play the film’s impoverished Fantine, 15 of which came off due to a diet of, um, “two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste per day.” That cannot be healthy. “I had to be obsessive about it–the idea was to look near death,” Hathaway told the magazine. “Looking back on the whole experience–and I don’t judge it in any way—it was definitely a little nuts. It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s who Fantine is anyway.” Yeah….it’s the words “obsessive,” “death” and “dried oatmeal paste” that make us question our hopeful assertion that gossip about Anne’s weight loss was just that: gossip.

Okay, so let’s say Anne Hathaway’s weight loss for Les Miserables was, in fact, utterly extreme. Aren’t actors and actresses asked to totally transform their bodies for roles all the time? Matthew McConaughey certainly knows what we’re talking about.

Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss

Matty McC is currently downright skeletal for his role as an AIDS patient in the upcoming film The Dallas Buyers Club, as evidenced by the onset photos snapped this weekend. The only difference is, no one is freaking out that McConaughey is doing so dangerously or writing tabloid headlines about him. Either scrutinize actors and actresses the same, we say, or accept that they are just doing their job (albeit an insane job that makes them lose a crazy amount of weight in a small period of time.) On the other hand, with Anne admitting quotes like these: “I was in such a state of deprivation–physical and emotional. When I got home, I couldn’t react to the chaos of the world without being overwhelmed” we guess we can’t fault anyone who thinks it might have been too much.

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