Daniel Craig Picks RiRi Over Beyonce To Play A Bond Girl; We In Turn Hype Our 5 Fantasy Bond Girls


Daniel Craig Picks Rihanna As Fantasy Bond Girl

Okay, so Daniel Craig picked Rihanna over Beyonce to portray a future Bond girl in an interview because Riri is “dirtier.” First of all, duh. Second of all, Bey has probably already learned her lesson from acting across from Mr. Mike Myers in Goldmember. While we draw up a pitch for our RiRi-centric Skyfall sequel (Ugh, why did Denise Richards have to take the Bond girl name Dr. Christmas Jones? Ruin our plans, why don’t you?), peep our 5 fantasy picks for our Bond girls. (Other than Rihanna, of course.) (Duuuuuh.)

1) Zoe Saldana

Frankly, we find it bizarre Saldana hasn’t been a Bond girl across from Daniel Craig already. Colombiana? Avatar? Star Trek? If there’s a movie where someone has to slow-motion jump away from an explosion, chances are Zoe was already in it. Aaaaaaaand killed it.

2) Kate Upton

Look, Upton is gorgeous in that classic ’60s Bond way, plus you know you want to find out if girl can act. (Note: Suggestion rescinded if Kate Upton found unable to act.)

3) Gina Carano

Former MMA fighter Carano blew up after starring in last year’s Haywire. So she’s gorgeous and could basically choreograph the next Bond flick herself, is what we’re saying.

4) Rebel Wilson

Reach for the stars, land amend the scenes of Rebel Wilson joke-flirting with Daniel Craig. We know it’s a fantasy, but can’t chubby wisecracking girls be Bond girls too? For us?

5) Emily Blunt

Not only is Blunt the female lead in action movies like Looper and the upcoming All You Need Is Kill, she would also bring a little more buttoned-up, witty Britishness to the Bond series. (But mostly it’s her All You Need Is Kill cred.)

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