Heidi Klum Hosts The 2012 MTV EMAs, Outfits Go From Decent To Bad To OMG!


Heidi Klum Outfits At The 2012 MTV EMA's

Erm, who styled Heidi Klum at the MTV EMAs? She was the host for the evening, probably because the event was held in her native country Germany, making her the hostess with the mostest … skin. We’re a little bewildered to be honest. The evening started out great with the black and dull gold mesh-panel Versace you see on the left, which looks like a dream on her. But then she switched to another Versace for the red carpet, which is what you see on the right. Why, Heidi, why? The blue and gold embellishment is okay, but between the lace-up bodice and the slit, the one batwing sleeve and those tacky pumps this is one ridiculous mess of no. Versace was the choice of the evening, as she chose to wear the brand on stage for all her costume changes as well.

Heidi Klum Outfits At The 2012 MTV EMA's

We’re kind of digging the frothy, cut-out white gown on the left, mostly because we like top-hats and have a secret yearning for ’80s fingerless gloves. But that whole ensemble pales in comparison to what Heidi has going on, on the right. Forget what she’s wearing — they actually had two dudes wearing assless chaps on stage which the supermodel seems to be … enjoying. We’ve blurred out the naughty bits, but we feel it’s our duty to tell you that assless-chaps dude on the right had Heidi’s prompter card “positioned” in the … cracktacular area. Only, in Europe … 

Heidi Klum Outfits At The 2012 MTV EMA's

The rest of the evening had Heidi with either her legs out, or her cleavage out, or both out while hanging off a suspended wire, holding a umbrella with torches at the end and sitting in a giant hoola hoop. Just regular everyday stuff, y’know. Check out all the photographs in the gallery below for the full effect.

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