The Host Trailer Shows Us 10 Essential Elements Of The Stephenie Meyer Adaptation


We’re looking a little worse for wear this morning after the emotional night that was the last Twilight premiere, but thanks to Open Road Films and our friends at MTV, we have the perfect pick-me-up for the morning: Evidence that the next Stephenie Meyer adaptation could be just as thrilling as we think Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is. As anyone who’s read The Host knows, it presents a number of challenges to director Andrew Niccol — if you get one element wrong in this alien-invasion love story that takes place in a high-tech future and a primitive underground bunker, it could be cheesy, heartless or both. But the trailer that debuted this morning provides some reassurances that the movie we’ll see on March 29, 2013, will get at least 10 important things right.

1. The romantic backstory between Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and Jared Howe (Max Irons).
The Host features a romantic backstory

2. The desperation of feeling like you’re the last people on Earth.

3. The sci-fi elements of the invading aliens’ (a.k.a. Souls) high-tech world.

4. The benefits the Souls bring to other planets in the universe, such as instant healing — they certainly don’t think they’re an evil force.

5 and 6. The creepy, but not too fake, look of the humans invaded by Souls. And the creepy, but not too fake, way Ronan plays both Melanie and the Soul Wanderer, who’s taken over her body.

7. Her gruff but fair Uncle Jeb! (OK, we don’t see him do anything in the trailer, but William Hurt’s face is reassuring.)

8. The scarily determined look of the Seeker (Diane Kruger) as she hunts for Melanie/Wanderer.

9. The heart-pumping high-speed chase (which is somehow extra scary because all the vehicles are silver).

10. Hints at the complicated love triangle between Melanie/Wanderer, Jared and Ian (Jake Abel). Do these guys love her or want to kill her?

[Photos: Open Road Films]

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